A domestic couple is an extraordinary team comprised of a male domestic helper, such as a butler or estate manager, and a female domestic helper, such as a housekeeper or nanny. This couple is usually married, but can also be a team who has worked together as a proven unit before, and they have proven they are in sync with each other and their employers.

This type of relationship can often be very beneficial to the estate owner on many levels. Often, because of the special relationship of a domestic couple, and their ability to communicate on a different level about things that are important in the estate or household, things seem to move smoother, and get done even better.

For instance, a domestic couple could be comprised of a husband and wife where the man is an expert mechanic and adept at caring for an antique auto collection, and a garden, and his wife can be a gourmet cook, and wonderful with children. Between the two of them, more than half of all household needs can be covered. And if they are allowed to be in charge of other staff, the estate can run smoothly.

Here are a few combinations that seem to be popular with estate owners:

  • Nanny/Butler
  • Housekeeper, Cook/ Handyman, Chauffer
  • Housekeeper/Butler, Chef
  • Housekeeper, Cook/Chauffeur, Gardener

Each household or estate owner has different needs, so the perfect domestic couple would be up to individual preferences. One may be surprised at how many different combinations of qualified domestic couples a good agency may have available. The one thing that is common, is the fact that the domestic couple almost always live-in.

There are certain benefits of hiring a domestic couple over individual employees that should not be overlooked. Not only do these couples have a tendency to be very reliable, staying with one employer for a very long time, but they are usually less likely to have an active social or family life outside of work, and are therefore available to work during times and seasons that other employees may prefer to have off.

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