All About Domestic Services


Many owners of  homes and estates know they may need domestic help, but are not exactly sure what types of services are on offer. In this blog we’re going to describe each type of domestic helper, and what they can do for you to make your life easier and better.

Domestic Services

Housekeeper: The Housekeeper is perhaps the most well known of the domestic helpers. She/he takes care of the cleaning of the house and it’s contents, including the washing and ironing of clothes, linens, tablecloths, etc. In a smaller home or estate she may be the only domestic helper on staff, and so her duties may include things that are typically handled by the other staff.

Head Housekeeper: The Head Housekeeper is a housekeeper who is in charge of other housekeepers. This person is often responsible for hiring and scheduling all of the housekeeping staff in a large estate or House where more than two or three housekeepers are needed.

Butler: The Butler is perhaps the most iconic of household staff, in that he is usually very visible to guests as well as household members. In today’s modern households he does much more than open the front door and serve tea. He can take care of everything from the dining requests to the car collection, and may also do some gardening work as well.

Estate Manager: An Estate Manager is like a Head-Butler in that he would oversee not only other butlers if there are more than one in your home, but he would oversee all of your domestic staff to make sure your household ran smoothly. He is usually in charge of hiring and scheduling other domestic staff as well.

Domestic Couple: The Domestic Couple is a married or a team of two people. Together they take care of different complementary duties so that everything in the home gets done properly. For instance one person may be a housekeeper/nanny, and the other a butler/gardener. The domestic couple can act as estate managers as well and be in charge of other staff.

Personal Assistant: A personal or private assistant is like a personal mobile secretary for the home, but also does so much more. This person can shop for wardrobe items, choose your clothing for an event, set up a meeting or event, and make sure you never forget anything important again.

Personal Chef: A Personal Chef prepares restaurant quality food for you and your family and guests in your very own home or estate. They will also do the planning, shopping, serving, and clean-up for all of your meals. Personal chefs are experienced and trained in not only preparing delicious foods, but in the proper handling and safe preparation of food as well

Nanny: The Nanny is a full-time caregiver for children from the time they are born until the time they start school, and beyond. She is customarily in charge of organising and coordinating the children’s activities, preparing their meals, and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. Duties and responsibilities may also include helping with homework, doctor appointments, organising play dates, birthday parties, meal preparation, shopping, driving to and from activities, errands, and teaching or tutoring

Gardner: The Gardner will be in charge of the grounds of the house/estate including hedge trimming, garden maintenance, fruit and vegetable production, maintenance of machinery and pool and spa areas.