The Role of a Housekeeper

The Role of a Housekeeper The housekeeper in any household is a crucial part of the family, but you may be wondering how they fill their day. Housekeeping staff perform essential tasks to keep the house running smoothly, and a housekeeping job can be a successful and fulfilling career.   There is never a dull [...]

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Benefits of a Housekeeper

What are the benefits of a housekeeper?  Wherever you live and whatever the size of your home, you may experience challenges when it comes to keeping things organised and clean in your home. If you find yourself always surrounded by clutter and/or dust , it may be time to think about hiring a housekeeper. There are [...]

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Thinking about help over Christmas?

  So the Holiday Season is upon and Christmas is less than 3 months away, and where will those 3 months go? There are preparations to be made, cleaning to be done, food to be prepared, and planning to handled. So much work that one person could not possibly handle it all. Best to have some temporary help [...]

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Hello September! New Start for your Household

HELLO SEPTEMBER Hello September! Where did you come from? Now everyone has returned from their summer break, children are going back to school or university, leaves are turning on the trees it is time to turn your mind to the mounting list of chores. For these reasons historically September is one of our busiest months [...]

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Advantages of a Domestic Couple

A domestic couple is an extraordinary team comprised of a male domestic helper, such as a butler or estate manager, and a female domestic helper, such as a housekeeper or nanny. This couple is usually married, but can also be a team who has worked together as a proven unit before, and they have proven [...]

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All About Domestic Services

All About Domestic Services   Many owners of  homes and estates know they may need domestic help, but are not exactly sure what types of services are on offer. In this blog we're going to describe each type of domestic helper, and what they can do for you to make your life easier and better. Domestic [...]

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Do you need a Personal Assistant?

Ever thought of hiring a personal assistant? Having one can greatly help you lead a more comfortable and organised life in your home. Some people opt for a part time personal assistant who would probably work for a few hours a day or a week to help in a number of tasks here and there. On [...]

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The Difference between a Housekeeper and a Cleaner

The term cleaner, and housekeeper are often used synonymously – but in reality they are not the same. This article will explain the differences, and clarify any doubts as to what is meant by each term. One of the biggest difference between a Cleaner, and a Housekeeper is how long they are going to work [...]

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The Duties of an Estate Manager

An Estate Manager has many important duties in today's affluent household. Along with these duties come great responsibilities. That's why it takes a special person, with special talents, to be qualified to be an exceptional Estate Manager. We're going to cover some of the most important duties of an Estate Manager below. In modern homes [...]

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