Estate Managers

Finding an Experienced Estate Manager

An estate manager is the top role on an estate. HC Bespoke Staff takes the time to get to know you. We understand how important it is to have a clear understanding of the properties, staff and grounds you will require an estate manager to maintain, to ensure we find the most suitable member of staff for you.

Your estate manager will be highly experienced, and qualified to take on your estate and keep it running smoothly for you. At you convenience, we are able to visit you at home to talk to you about your requirements, and the responsibilities you will need them to take on. We choose get to know you personally to ensure that your estate manager is the right fit for you.

Resourceful and Professional Estate Managers

Your estate manager will be professional and personable. We understand that you will be working closely with them, and so we look to find the best fit for you. Every estate has a variety of responsibilities unique to it that require management. We will work with you to find someone that can direct the estate responsibilities and ensure that everything is taken care of efficiently, daily.

As an estate manager manages every aspect of your estate, we understand that it is important that you can rely on them. The role needs to be filled by someone that you can trust to monitor everything, as well as feel comfortable leaving him or her in charge of your estate when you are away. The estate manager you hire will be able to take on an estate where they are required to carry out any of these tasks:

  • Hire and train staff
  • On going administration of staff
  • Household finances and accounting
  • Overseeing estate maintenance
  • Overseeing agricultural responsibilities
  • Arranging & liaising with external services
  • Overseeing events held on the estate

Estate Management Across Multiple Properties

When multiple properties require management, and the estate manager will be a travel-based role, we will work with you, at your convenience, to ensure that we find a candidate that can take on all required responsibility.

We understand that managing multiple properties requires extended experience. We personalise our recruiting process to find the ideal candidate with previous experience, to ensure they will be a good fit for your estate.

Looking for an Estate Manager?

HC Bespoke Staff have a range of staff available to help you with the management of you property. We ensure that all estate managers we work with possess a clear DBS record, and personally interview all possible candidates for the roles, in order to ensure that they are right the right fit. We are confident that we will find the best candidate for you.


Exclusive Household Staff Across The Home Counties

With over 18 years of experience, HC Bespoke Staff is dedicated to providing Estate managers to the Home Counties and further. We offer local and personal coverage to Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, London and Buckinghamshire.


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