Looking to Employ a Housekeeper?​

When you live in a busy household, we look to help you find the perfect housekeeper, to help you keep your home clean and well organised. It is important that your housekeeper is a companion that you and your family can get to know and feel comfortable with in your own home. We ensure that we will match you with a personable and reliable housekeeper that you can trust.

Our personalised and professional service is here to find out exactly what you need, and the responsibilities you are looking for your housekeeper to take on. We want to find you the best fit for your lifestyle, so we get to know you and your needs, personally.


Invaluable and Well Organised Housekeepers

Your housekeeper can help you with your home, no matter whether yours is an informal home, a country estate, or a formal home with full staff. We aim to find you a housekeeper that will fit your family’s lifestyle and ensure you come home to a house that feels and looks clean.

We take the time to discuss your needs with you, at your convenience, to ensure that your housekeeper can take on all of your domestic requirements. Once we have gotten to know your family and your needs, we will strive to find the perfect fit for you. We understand that your family’s household requirements are unique to you, however the basic responsibilities your housekeeper can do for you are:

Cleaning the house

Vacuuming the house

Mopping the house

Doing the laundry

Ironing the laundry

Doing the shopping

Food preparation and cooking

A housekeeper is ideal for your busy family home, to ensure your house is well organised and maintained. Whether you only require a housekeeper for a couple of days a week, or you need a full-time housekeeper to join a full complement of staff, we can find someone with the right experience that can take on the role you need.

Employing a Housekeeper

We understand that maintaining your home is a role that you do best. However, taking on a housekeeper that can prioritise your home and multitask amongst the household duties can be a great relief. A housekeeper can be helpful to all different family situations, and we strive to provide you with the perfect person for yours. You may have decided you would like to employ a housekeeper, but which type would be the best for your family?

  • Housekeeper
    A housekeeper will take care of all domestic household duties you require daily.
  • Companion housekeeper
    A companion housekeeper can take care of all household responsibilities as well as act as a carer and provide companionship.
  • Housekeeper cook
    A housekeeper cook will be able to prepare meals for you as well as keep your home well organised and clean.
  • Nanny housekeeper
    A nanny housekeeper can take on all the household responsibilities as well as providing childcare. This role is usually a live-in position.

A housekeeper is a usually a long-term position and so we look to pair you with someone that will become a part of your home and a friend to your family. Your needs are our priority; we choose to deliver a personalised and discreet service to make sure you feel comfortable and reassured by the candidates we put forward.


Looking for a Housekeeper?

HC Bespoke Staff have a wide range of housekeepers available to help you with domestic duties. We ensure that all housekeepers we work with possess a clear DBS record, and personally interview all possible candidates for the roles, in order to ensure that they are right the right fit. We are confident that we will find the best candidate for you.


Exclusive Household Staff Across The Home Counties

With over 18 years of experience, HC Bespoke Staff is dedicated to providing housekeepers to the Home Counties and further. We offer local and personal coverage to Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, London and Buckinghamshire.


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