Finding The Perfect Nanny For Your Family

When employing a nanny for the first time, we understand how important it is to you that they are the right fit for your family and your children. A nanny is someone reliable who can provide the best possible childcare for you, when you need it most.

HC Bespoke Staff are dedicated to creating a personalised and professional experience for you when helping you find the right nanny. We take the time to get to know exactly what you need and what you’re looking for, to ensure we find a nanny that exceeds expectations, and will become a long-term part of your family.

Experienced and Reliable Nannies

You need a nanny you can rely on, that will be able to cope with any situation while looking after your children. We will always find you a nanny with a level of experience and qualifications that make you feel comfortable. They will be focused on caring for your children independently, as well as keeping on top of any laundry and meals your child needs throughout the day.

The age of your children and the amount of children you have will alter the duties of your nanny. All nannies we work with will be able to help you with the basic requirements you may have and more. Let us know what you need and we will find the perfect fit for you. Your nanny will be able to:

  • Prepare meals for your children
  • Change and dress your children
  • Provide your children with mental stimulation and activities
  • Do your children’s laundry
  • Keep your children’s area clean and tidy

We like to get to know you and your family for a better understanding of your dynamic and the type of person that would fit in with you. Your needs are our priority; we choose to deliver a personalised and discreet service to make sure you feel comfortable and reassured by the candidates we put forward.

Employing a Nanny

We understand that looking after your children is a full-time job, and that your requirements are unique to your family. Nannies can be helpful to all different family situations, and we strive to provide you with the perfect nanny for yours. You may have decided you would like to employ a nanny, but which type would be the best for your family?

  • Nanny
    A daily nanny that takes care of your child and all their needs
  • Live-in Nanny
    A nanny that lives with your family and provides extra night care when required
  • Governess
    A Governess is qualified to teach your children as well as provide childcare for you
  • Night Nanny
    A night nanny will help you with all aspects of care for your baby throughout the night
  • Maternity Nanny
    A maternity nanny can provide childcare for your baby as well as your older children
  • After school Nanny
    An after school nanny will collect your children from school, provide homework help, feed them and put them to bed, if you require

Live-in Nannies

Your live-in nanny will provide daily childcare for you, and work extended shifts, as well as babysitting on set evenings. A live-in nanny will become a part of your family so it is important that they are the right fit for you. If you think a live-in nanny is the ideal choice for your family and your schedule, contact us. We can come and see you at your convenience to discuss your requirements.

Looking for a Nanny?

HC Bespoke Staff have a wide range of nannies available. We ensure that all nannies we work with possess a clear DBS record, and personally interview all possible candidates for the roles, in order to ensure that they are the right fit. We are confident that we will find the best candidate for you.


Exclusive Household Staff Across The Home Counties

With over 18 years of experience, HC Bespoke Staff is dedicated to providing nannies to the Home Counties and further. We offer local and personal coverage to Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, London and Buckinghamshire.


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