Personal Assistants

Finding Your Ideal Personal Assistant

When you have a busy family, or manage a high workload from home, we can find you the ideal personal assistant to meet your needs. We understand that a you require a qualified and capable PA to multi-task your office duties efficiently. This is a demanding role that requires around the clock availability and so we will work with you to establish your needs, and match you with the best personal assistant for you.

HC Bespoke Staff are dedicated to creating a personalised and professional experience for you when helping you find the right private PA. We take the time to get to know exactly what you need and what you’re looking for, to ensure we find a personal assistant that exceeds expectations, and can provide you with an efficient service for your family, or your business.

Qualified and Efficient Private Personal Assistants

We understand that you need a personal assistant you can rely on to manage your office and personal appointments. A private PA needs to be qualified to take on all the responsibilities you have, and so we ensure we take the time to talk to you at you convenience to find out what responsibilities you need your PA to take on, so we can find you the best fit for you.

Your personal assistant can be responsible for all administrative duties required by you family. We understand that they should be able to assist with both your business and family arrangements. Our personalised process will ensure that we find someone resourceful, forward-thinking, who can ensure your schedules are organised and structured.

The responsibilities of your PA will be unique to your household and business, however the basic responsibilities are your personal assistant can take on are:

  • Managing personal affairs
  • Managing appointments
  • Managing personal finance
  • Running the home office
  • Managing travel and diary schedules
  • Managing private property portfolios
  • Attending business meetings

Employing a Personal Assistant

Your PA may be required to work alone or as part of a team. We understand that your requirements are unique to you and so we ensure we get to know your needs before introducing you to potential candidates. They need to be resourceful, flexible and take initiative, so we ensure we find someone with these qualities for you.

If you require help with your home office and organisation, a PA is ideal for you. You may have decided you would like to employ a personal assistant, but what type would be the best for you?

  • Private Personal Assistant
    A personal assistant that takes on all office duties you require
  • Family PA
    A family personal assistant will help you take care of your family schedule
  • Private Business Personal Assistant
    A Business PA will help deal with clients and take on a variety of tasks within the company
  • Household PA
    A household personal assistant is responsible for making all household arrangements

We are able to help you find a personal assistant that suits your personal requirements. Your needs are our priority; we choose to deliver a personalised and discreet service to make sure you feel comfortable and reassured by the candidates we put forward.

Looking for a Personal Assistant?

HC Bespoke Staff have a wide range of staff available to help you with domestic duties. We ensure that all Personal Assistants we work with possess a clear DBS record and hold the best possible qualifications to meet the roles requirements. HC Bespoke Staff personally interview all possible candidates for the roles, in order to ensure that they are right the right fit. We are confident that we will find the best candidate for you.


Exclusive Household Staff Across The Home Counties

With over 18 years of experience, HC Bespoke Staff is dedicated to Personal Assistants (PAs) to the Home Counties and further. We offer local and personal coverage to Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, London and Buckinghamshire.


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