The Role of a Housekeeper

The housekeeper in any household is a crucial part of the family, but you may be wondering how they fill their day. Housekeeping staff perform essential tasks to keep the house running smoothly, and a housekeeping job can be a successful and fulfilling career.


There is never a dull moment in a housekeeper’s day! All housekeepers hours and days vary dependant on the family, one of the qualities of a great housekeeper is their flexibility to work around the family and the job in hand.  Many housekeepers work on their own and will start at an arranged time with the family in the morning, and if in a team of housekeepers, you will probably be on a rota system. Most housekeepers work a 7- 9 hour day.


Every day is different but below are some of the general daily duties a housekeeper will perform.


  • Laundry (washing, ironing, and wardrobe management/tidying clothes)
  • Housekeeping (general household cleaning, polishing, dusting, mopping)
  • Stripping and making beds.
  • Cleaning bathroom’s, changing towels and restocking bathroom items.
  • Specialist cleaning requirements for silver and antique items, including upholster.
  • Maintain direct communication with the family.
  • Running errands for the family
  • Liaising with all household staff
  • Helping with children.
  • Preparing healthy family meals
  • Walking dogs and looking after family pets
  • Wardrobe management

There are many types of housekeepers requirements which will mean their duties will vary. Below are some of the common examples.

  • Housekeeper/Nanny
  • Housekeeper/Companion
  • Housekeeper/PA

The daily routine will change with every family and household.


A Housekeeping role can be extremely rewarding you’re guaranteed to be able to enjoy a number of excellent benefits and become part of the family.

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